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Welcome to Baked By Chan! We are focused on helping our customers gain direct access to the best cookies region-wide, custom buttercream cakes in the local area and a variety of cookie-related content. Our founder, Chan, has always been passionate about taking care of kids and baking. With this passion, she gets to do both things! After cooking and baking at home or for friends, Chan decided to start her own business and now she is bringing in some of the most impressive, tastiest sweets you ever had.

Here at Baked By Chan, we want to create that next, amazing cookies and custom buttercream cakes for all of your guests. We can easily match any party theme you want, depending on your needs. Baked By Chan is ready to delight you with yummy treats that will bring you back to your childhood, while also creating new memories as well.

We are filled with joy by this opportunity to make other people happy and we are excited to bring all customers extraordinary, high-quality sweets that they can enjoy with those special persons in their lives. We are ready to assist right away, and we guarantee you will be amazed with the process and results.

Moreover, our website also has a blog where we share ideas for baked goods and some of the recipes we are using ourselves too! Our blog is a great source of inspiration if you want to try these out at home and bake some spectacular cookies or cakes!

Try out these amazing Baked By Chan today, and if you have any special requests or orders let us know, we are always here to help. We are excited to provide our customers with state of the art, amazing baked treats that will enhance their day and make it extraordinary!

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